Artery TeamArtery Team

Customers around the globe want to discover your brand and we will help you reach them today. We cover e-commerce and provide you the revenue that will let you focus exclusively on building a world-class creative business.

We support Etsy brands from scratch

We build online stores for growing brands

Our Way


We get hyped by the latest trends in digital marketing and bring state-of-the-art marketing tools to the world of independent fashion.


We work with brands we love and care about. We match your project with the team members most eager to share it with the world.


Our projects are always designed to bring you more sales. The results of our efforts are measured by the growth of your business.


We work side by side and believe that ambitious goals can only be reached through collaboration and mutual support.

Our success formula for brands with global aspirations

World-class product

Design, photography, quality and pricing all come together and should resonate well with your audience.

Single-minded dedication

Focus your entire attention on building your brand to get all the time and energy needed for international success.

Intelligent strategy

Global competition takes a lot of resources. Choose your battles and give yourself room to grow and create.

Flawless execution

Happy customers are your first priority. Always exceed expectations and create brand ambassadors with every order.

In for the long game

Establishing a globally recognized brand takes years and requires strong commitment to build a stable business.

Our Brands Share

“I deeply believe that one has to do what they are best at while constantly developing. Artery has a good team and always finds the right solutions for the success of my business. I would not have done this without you! Thank you!”

Violeta, Designer

“You help me a lot by doing all the things I am not good at which gives me the peace and time I need to do the things that I am good at.”

Lubomir, Designer-maker

“Artery is a team of cool, smiling professionals with a personal attitude towards the designs of each author and with a desire for true success of any brand they work with! They have increased our sales immensely!

Stanislava, Designer

“Artery is an incredible, young, ambitious and creative team. I am extremely happy with our joint work! They managed to double and triple the sales of my store. Thank you for giving talented Bulgarians a chance to develop and be seen all over the world.”

Maria, Designer-maker

Maria Yoncheva

“It is like a dream came true! Things that I’ve created reach people all over the world! If everything continues to go in this way, I will really be one of the happiest people on this Earth!”

Nevena, Artist

NirVena Art