Strong Etsy presence
for indie
fashion brands

Get noticed and grow global

Develop a successful sales channel

Etsy is the premier online marketplace for artists. Showcase your best designs to its 20+ million buyers!

Wow your fans with the next big thing

Unleash your creative potential and grow a competitive portfolio without worrying about your monthly revenue.

Leave digital marketing to us

We manage your entire Etsy presence – from polishing the shop window to attracting traffic and securing orders.

Become part of the global scene

Connect to clients, designers and potential partners around the globe and take your brand to the next level.

ARTery is a customer-oriented, tech savvy and flexible team aided by proprietary software tools for Etsy marketing.

How we do it

We take over all aspects of setting up and growing
successful Etsy stores - from generating traffic to managing orders.
We help
designers get ahead of competition

1.5 million designers from all around the world show their work on Etsy! Our expertise and software enables us to let your designs shine on the fist pages and receive the attention they deserve.

Targeted visitors flock to your Etsy shop as we monitor most successful tags for you and optimize listings in real time.

Your items will finally get those stellar descriptions written by professional copywriters and your prices will finally capture the true value of items as we monitor all pricing in your category.

We ensure maximum satisfaction of your customers as we strive to meet all their needs and wants and create for them a memorable shopping experience.

  • SEO

    We drive tons of traffic to your Etsy shop by optimizing the titles and tags of your listings.

  • Copywriting

    We write captivating product descriptions to leave your customers begging for more.

  • Pricing

    We keep track of the competition to help you put the right price tag on your items.