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Artery Team

We are passionate about promoting outstanding fashion and design brands that dream big.

Artery is a team of digital professionals committed to independent fashion and design brands. We want to unlock indie design’s true potential and cherish everyone who supports our cause and gives their time and energy to help independent brands around the world.

Every morning we wake up with big smiles and fresh minds ready to seize new opportunities for the designers and brands we believe in! The Artery way is a deep commitment to grow daily in everything we do both as individuals and as a team and to have fun together while getting there. What makes us a team is the passion we breathe, the support we spread and the goal-oriented mindset we all share. We love and appreciate working with designers and always get supercharged by a simple ‘thank you’ when we successfully turn a dream into a business.

Our Ethos

Playing around

We feel at home online and experiment with cutting edge digital marketing tools and concepts.

Loving what we do

We care for our work and love the brands and designers we proudly share with the world.

Working together

We are a young team full of energy and our best work comes from the diversity of backgrounds and skill-sets.

Continuous Learning

Every day is an opportunity to unlock new skills, grow our personal mastery and help each other improve.

Open Positions

Facebook Advertising Specialist 

Sofia, Bulgaria

Our Brands Share

“Artery is a team of cool, smiling professionals with a personal attitude towards the designs of each author and with a desire for true success of any brand they work with! They have increased our sales immensely!

Stanislava, Designer

“Artery is an incredible, young, ambitious and creative team. I am extremely happy with our joint work! They managed to double and triple the sales of my store. Thank you for giving talented Bulgarians a chance to develop and be seen all over the world.”

Maria, Designer-maker

Maria Yoncheva

“The results we have achieved over the past year are a very good foundation and we believe we still have great peaks to conquer together. We like to work with young, smart, creative, ambitious and smiling people like you. It’s great to be able to rely on a partner like Artery. Thank you for reaching the world together. I recommend the team of Artery with pleasure :)”

Mihaela & Desislava, Founders