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Your brand, your way

We blend marketing, creative and technical expertise to create online stores that look good and sell better. We believe unique brands and unique customers deserve to be brought together by their own tailor-made shopping experience. Our goal is to present your brand to the world in a way that inspires both you and your audience.

But then again, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” However beautiful the website, traffic and sales are what makes it worthwhile. We craft and execute smart digital strategies mixing in advertising, direct marketing and conversion rate optimization to build the sales growth engine your brand store needs.

Digital Communication Strategy

What are the best channels to reach your customers? How to mix paid and organic? Which key messages will inspire your fans? What ROI makes sense for your goals? We create practical and measurable plans for brand store development.

Online Store Building

We build online stores from scratch or upgrade existing ones with the latest digital marketing tools and concepts. We work across all major platforms and design solutions that fit the needs of your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We use best-in-class analytical tools to understand how your audience interacts with your website. We design customer experiences that optimize conversions and make sure you get the most from your marketing efforts.

Google Adwords

Reach the people who are already looking for you. Target the right keywords with relevant ads and landing pages. From Paid Search to Remarketing Lists and Google Shopping, we deliver intelligent ROI-focused PPC campaigns.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s power of precise targeting has a major role in growing unique brands. Reach the right person across more than 1 billion people. Find pockets of interest in communities across different states, countries and continents.

Email Marketing

People want to hear from creative businesses and get inspired. Email remains one of the best ways to both engage and convert customers. We grow this circle of trust and send beautifully designed emails to your most loyal fans.

What's your story?

Every brand store development project is tailor-made according to the needs and growth stage of the brand. We primarily select teams with champion ambitions. Ideally you have reached a threshold in your current market and need the right partner to take your business to the next level.

Get started

You have experience with platforms like Etsy but you are new to web-based e-commerce. You are looking for help to build your online store and setup your marketing campaigns.

Grow results

You have an operating online store but need help with the day-to-day management and implementing best practices. You want to increase your ROI while growing your results.

Expand globally

You are selling successfully and you are seeking an experienced partner to oversee advanced optimization and implement technology to ensure your campaigns achieve maximum results.

If you recognize yourself and are looking for the right partner, get in touch!

Our Brands Share

“Our work together gives me quiet time to create and produce. The results are getting better from one month to another, and I am happy with our collaboration.”

Jen, Designer

“I deeply believe that one has to do what they are best at while constantly developing. Artery has a good team and always finds the right solutions for the success of my business. I would not have done this without you! Thank you!”

Violeta, Designer

“Artery effectively works towards accomplishment of agreed plans and goals, presents valid propositions on shop performance improvement. Artery takes active rolе in the partnership that creates trust and stability. Your help is highly appreciated!!! And I believe we make а great team :)”

Egle, Brand Manager

“The results we have achieved over the past year are a very good foundation and we believe we still have great peaks to conquer together. We like to work with young, smart, creative, ambitious and smiling people like you. It’s great to be able to rely on a partner like Artery. Thank you for reaching the world together. I recommend the team of Artery with pleasure :)”

Mihaela & Desislava, Founders

“It is sometimes difficult to stay focused on your creative work when you are a designer who is managing an Etsy shop at the same time. Artery are a huge help! Working with them lets me have more time to do what I am good at! I am recommending them to everyone who is starting an Etsy shop! Your contribution to our development is huge :)”

Elena, Designer

“Numbers show everything. Since Artery started to work with my shop, my Etsy Shop revenue has grown 400%. Thank you!”

Gunta, Designer


“We are extremely pleased with our brand development thanks to Artery’s overall support and our work. We have certainly gained much more popularity, since we started working with Artery, which has further helped us to reinforce our brand and individuality. Artery team is creative and always equipped with new ideas helping our business. They give us the right guidance and advice to improve and develop our creative work.”

Zdravka, Designer