Our coaching sessions are designed for all Etsy sellers who want to do their own magic. We are ready to share our Etsy experience and show you how to approach SEO or visual shop management, email marketing or promotions strategy.

Beyond Etsy specifics, we support creative business owners in setting their business goals, identifying the right business and marketing strategy to get there and supporting you to do it all on a daily basis.

Etsy Pro Coaching

You already have an Etsy shop and know the platform well. You have 300 or 3,000 Etsy sales and you realize you are still just starting out. At the same time, you are managing your own business by yourself – from production to planning while your team depends on you to grow the company.

Our Pro Coaching Sessions are aimed at experienced Etsy sellers looking for growth. From advanced SEO tips and loyalty strategies through digital strategy beyond Etsy, business planning and investments, we help creative businesses discover new horizons.


You have an Etsy shop that is working well and you want to grow even further. Advanced SEO, social media, advertising spending, there are a ton of opportunities and each one requires time, energy and, of course, money, while you are fulfilling orders and developing your product.

Here at Artery Team we understand how difficult it could be to manage a small business and keep growing. Prioritizing the right strategy and right channels and taking it step by step is the key to sustainable creative business development.

Get honest feedback about your shop and help in setting your priorities according to the business goals you have. Understand how to strategize and plan ahead while all the daily work continues in full speed. Our Etsy coaches will equip you with a marketing strategy and bulletproof action plan to help you grow your business on a daily basis.

Coaching sessions take place online in the medium of your choice – we usually prefer Google Hangouts as the most convenient one but you can pick Messenger, Skype or anything else that you feel comfortable with.

Coaching sessions usually last up to 90 minutes when you will have a friendly chat with 2 of our Etsy coaches covering all of your questions and needs.

Our team will prepare in advance with in-depth review of your shop and Etsy niche. We always ask you to prepare as well – send us a list of hot topics and questions that you want to discuss and dive deep before the coaching session begins so you can take the most of our time together.


We often get reached by designers who run everything by themselves from start to finish: product-creation, production and orders fulfillment, photoshoots, Etsy management, marketing & sales activities, etc. At the same time, designer-makers have a very important task as business owners – to strategise and plan ahead.

Having a precise and clear vision on what the future holds for you and your Etsy shop is a must as a creative-turned-entrepreneur. If you are a designer that got stuck in the daily tasks and feels overwhelmed by the constantly evolving marketplace and you are eager to create your own business roadmap for success, the Etsy Coaching Program is created for you.

We will give you a framework to create your ownstep-by-step Etsy development plan and will support you in implementing it. We will help you figure out your business goals, how to achieve them, what your marketing strategy is and how to apply it on a daily basis while managing to take care of all the other aspects of your business.

The Etsy Coaching Program is a 4-month series of Pro Coaching Sessions which includes two 90-minutes sessions per month. We will create your action plan together and will stay next to you while you turn your ideas into reality. From helping you stay focused on the goal to overcoming obstacles along the way, we are there for you, ready to share our knowledge and expertise, to analyze your results and to provide objective feedback about your progress.

Each month you will have 2 sessions with your personal Etsy Coach, reviewing your action plan and tracking the progress towards your goals.The Etsy Coaching Program is all about accountability and your coach will be there to provide immediate feedback and to hold you responsible for the goals and tasks you planned for your shop and business.

In our experience the 4-month cycle is the perfect timing to set your creative business on a new successful trajectory – to set goals, to arrive at obstacles along the way and to weather all the storms until you reach the destination and objectives that you’ve set out to accomplish.