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498 keywords for dresses

185 keywords for rings

137 keywords for bracelets

 496 keywords for pants & jumpsuits

499 keywords for tops&tunics

 124 keywords for sleepwear, robes

565 keywords for lingerie, bra, panties

885 keywords for lingerie and sleepwear

256 keywords for original paintings and prints

348 keywords for earrings

598 keywords for bags, totes & purses

98 keywords for linen clothing

271 keywords for holidays

497 keywords for necklaces

Our Brands Share

“Our work together gives me quiet time to create and produce. The results are getting better from one month to another, and I am happy with our collaboration.”

Jen, Designer

“I deeply believe that one has to do what they are best at while constantly developing. Artery has a good team and always finds the right solutions for the success of my business. I would not have done this without you! Thank you!”

Violeta, Designer

“Artery effectively works towards accomplishment of agreed plans and goals, presents valid propositions on shop performance improvement. Artery takes active rolе in the partnership that creates trust and stability. Your help is highly appreciated!!! And I believe we make а great team :)”

Egle, Brand Manager

“The results we have achieved over the past year are a very good foundation and we believe we still have great peaks to conquer together. We like to work with young, smart, creative, ambitious and smiling people like you. It’s great to be able to rely on a partner like Artery. Thank you for reaching the world together. We recommend the team of Artery with pleasure :)”

Mihaela & Desislava, Founders

“It is sometimes difficult to stay focused on your creative work when you are a designer who is managing an Etsy shop at the same time. Artery are a huge help! Working with them lets me have more time to do what I am good at! I am recommending them to everyone who is starting an Etsy shop! Your contribution to our development is huge :)”

Elena, Designer

“Numbers show everything. Since Artery started to work with my shop, my Etsy Shop revenue has grown 400%. Thank you!”

Gunta, Designer


“I think designers should focus on their work, and shop managers – on their own. I can claim that I am a great designer with wonderful ideas, but somebody good with numbers, stats, SEO algorithms and not emotionally involved with the products must take care of marketing and sales, because we, the designers, don’t usually have clear judgement. I know people understand more clearly when talking in numbers, so here is how Artery has influenced my business:
1st year – 5 sales
2nd year – 107 sales
August, 3rd year – 383 sales

Blagovesta, Designer

“As early as the first months, there was considerable growth in traffic and sales in our Etsy shop. Its development happens without much intervention by us, which gives us extra time for creative work while we are getting consistent orders from Etsy.

Whatsmore, working with Artery means also working with super-smiling and enthusiastic young people who are genuinely trying to help us and push us forward. :)”

Sianna & Teodora, Designers

“We are very impressed with your professionalism. Your team plans for the future and finds solutions for current issues and problems. Thanks to your work, our shop thrives and we hope for great success!”

Tsveti & Marina, Designer