Etsy SHOPPING Experience Packages

Our shopping experience packages cover your shop’s Visual appearance and Listings and variations options. All activities in the packages aim to make your shop more appealing and to make shopping at your store easier for customers.


The look of your products and shop is essential when the clients are deciding where to shop and which item to purchase. With flawless marketing appearance, you can win the hearts of more potential buyers and showcase your best advantages over your competitors.

The VISUAL APPEARANCE monthly package includes:

Curating the appearance of your Etsy shop:

  • Weekly front page and featured listings / sections rearrangement, according to product performance, new listings, seasonality and visual strategies;
  • Up to 10 visual edits for listing thumbnails per month;
  • Up to 2 visual designs per month – Etsy covers or product details visuals, incl. size charts, variations explained, product sets, etc;
  • Review and adjustment/change of primary product photo/thumbnail
    for up to 100 listings per month;
  • Monthly sections arrangement – SEO-friendly and season-relevant section names, sections priority, event specific sections;
  • Support with brand texts – monthly announcement update, about section update, etc.

The Visual Appearance Package is a must-have for Etsy shops that rely mostly on their flawless customers’ experience.


When did you last update your listings to the latest Etsy features? From variation photos and personalization requests to gift-giving messages and attributes – Etsy is adding a ton of features every quarter to make shopping easier for buyers. Taking advantage of these will make you a top choice for today‘s buyers who want to understand everything at a glimpse.

The LISTINGS UPDATE PACKAGE monthly package includes:

Update of listing details for 40-60 listings monthly, incl. new products:

  • Adding a detailed product description structure;
  • Updating item variations, linking photos to colors, options, etc.;
  • Updating shipping profiles, implementing shipping policy changes, e.g. free shipping and price adjustments, etc.;
  • Weekly quantity tracking according to stock and Etsy features (e.g. only 3 left), reactivating sold-out/expired products;

The Listings Package can be of great help for Etsy shops with more than 200+ products.


Privacy and security

Each of our hands-on packages involves forming a dedicated team for your project that works directly inside your store. Our privacy and security processes guarantee the safety of all your data to give you the comfort and give you a comfortable control over all activities in your store.

Monthly Hands-on Etsy Services

We offer our hands-on Etsy services as monthly subscription packages. Every package includes specific Etsy marketing activities aiming to improve certain aspects of your shop and to bring in revenue growth.