Monthly Hands-on Etsy Services

We offer our hands-on Etsy services as monthly subscription packages. Every package includes specific Etsy marketing activities aiming to improve certain aspects of your shop and to bring in revenue growth.

Etsy Revenue Growth Packages

Our Etsy growth service packages cover the 2 most efficient sources of revenue growth – Etsy SEO and E-mail marketing for loyal customers. All activities included in the packages are designed to grow your Etsy income in a sustainable and cost-efficient way.


SEO is among the most crucial growth sources on Etsy as 80-90% of converting traffic comes thanks to deliberate Etsy searches. We have a team of SEO experts with years of Etsy-specific SEO experience.

The ETSY SEO monthly package includes:

Tags and Titles optimization of 40-60 listings monthly according to:

  • Etsy stats and Artery SEO monitoring system;
  • New keywords research;
  • Etsy algorithm changes;
  • Seasonal trends and Etsy curation.

Strategic listings renewal daily renewal of top performing and high potential listings according to SEO strategy.

BONUS: Etsy Advertising Management of the whole shop, incl. products priority and daily budget

If you use Etsy ads you know how powerful they can be for your business. As a matter of fact, Etsy ads are among the most cost-effective ads for creative businesses across many advertising platforms. They can bring a great return on every dollar you spend, if you manage them right. Etsy ads work in sync with great SEO and give valuable information about Etsy searches. By combining both and managing your Etsy ads on a weekly basis we can help you bring more sales in and get the most of your advertising budget.

The SEO Package is suitable for all Etsy shops – from small to large ones as visibility is a key factor for all of them.


New collections, announcements and promotions – you have a ton of news and your customers want to hear from you. Email marketing is one of the best ways an Etsy shop can bring back buyers who are already impressed with your product. Gain more orders and visibility with well-planned promotions backed by e-mail campaigns.

The EMAIL MARKETING & PROMOTIONS monthly package includes:

Managing promotional campaigns:

  • Up to 2 promo mail campaigns + 2 resends per mail campaign – managing of subscriber database, creating promo mails, maximizing open and click rates, etc. (requires MailChimp);
  • Visuals for promo mails – adjusting Etsy covers for MailChimp, creating call-to-action buttons, visual details, brand texts;
  • Monthly strategy for sale events – key shopping occasions, regional promotions, promotion terms and duration, selection of key products and sections;
  • Setting up of Etsy sale events, product selection, activating, reactivating;
  • Visual landing page for new email subscribers (requires MailChimp), can be sent to potential customers, etc. every season / new collection.

The Email Marketing & Promotions package is suitable for Etsy shops with more than 3000 sales.

Privacy and security

Each of our hands-on packages involves forming a dedicated team for your project that works directly inside your store. Our privacy and security processes guarantee the safety of all your data to give you the comfort and give you a comfortable control over all activities in your store.