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New collections, announcements and promotions – you have a ton of news and your customers want to hear from you. Email marketing is one of the best ways an Etsy shop can bring back buyers who are already impressed with your product. Gain more orders and visibility with well-planned promotions backed by e-mail campaigns.

The EMAIL MARKETING & PROMOTIONS monthly package includes:

Managing promotional campaigns:

  • Up to 2 promo mail campaigns + 2 resends per mail campaign – managing of subscriber database, creating promo mails, maximizing open and click rates, etc. (requires MailChimp);
  • Visuals for promo mails – adjusting Etsy covers for MailChimp, creating call-to-action buttons, visual details, brand texts;
  • Monthly strategy for sale events – key shopping occasions, regional promotions, promotion terms and duration, selection of key products and sections;
  • Setting up of Etsy sale events, product selection, activating, reactivating;
  • Visual landing page for new email subscribers (requires MailChimp), can be sent to potential customers, etc. every season / new collection.


Is this package for me?

You need at least 3,000 Etsy sales for this strategy to work. Best results come after 3,000 subscribers and more. We use Etsy statistics and visual materials to select products and create your Mail Campaigns. We set the Sale Campaigns directly in the Etsy store. In order to proceed with the e-mail campaigns, the package requires a Mailchimp Account.

Request an Offer

We offer new subscribers up to 60% OFF our regular fees. Pay as you go while your revenue grows. Tell us what you need and request an offer for details.


What can I expect?

The relationship with your clients is a key factor for developing your Etsy shop as a distinctive brand!

With e-mail marketing and carefully planned sales events, you can build a long-lasting connection that pays off with every campaign and special event you share with your customers.

Effective communication with your customers provides your brand with greater independence from Etsy. Establishing trust towards your own brand let’s you plan for long-term growth and multiple ecommerce channels.

Email marketing & Sales Events planning & execution allow you to focus your marketing on your high-priority products. Prioritize highly profitable items or plan ahead production and market available stock – email marketing and promotions help you sell more of what you want.

We will help you set up your email communication, and will plan and execute up to 2 campaigns per month together with you.

Depending on the audience and product, most brands can expect between $0.5 to $1 revenue per month for every client you have in your audience. In peak months paired with good promotions, returns can double or triple.


Recommended Audience


Expected Revenue



The represented percentages are just the beginning

  • The more people you have in your audience, the higher revenue and ROI you will receive.
  • Regular and consistent communication over 3-6+ months brings higher revenue the longer you engage your audience.
  • Keeping your customers engaged long-term will multiply your results significantly in peak months like holiday season, wedding season or during occasion shopping.

Artery Team Mail Campaigns

How we do it

Artery Team offers dedicated marketing services for designer-makers and shares Etsy insights from over 5 years of experience in the marketplace.

At all times we manage 30 to 40 Etsy stores with our various services and over the years we’ve helped over 300+ designer-maker businesses grow their Etsy presence.

With over $300,000 in monthly revenue across our network of actively managed stores, we gather insights from a wide range of Etsy niches, supported by our in-house software. We track SEO data, product trends and overall market performance to create the best strategy for your store.

Our clients work with their dedicated Artery Team from 6 months to forever, depending on your preference and growth goals. We value our clients and some of our partners work with us since our company started in 2015. Our results and happy Etsy clients let us develop our team and company for 5 years already.

Our role is to work alongside you, to consult you, support you and help you grow!

Promotions Planning

Promotions and sale events have become an increasingly important aspect of Etsy marketing and eCommerce everywhere. While discounts keep buyers coming back, they can also cut into your profit at the end of the day. Well-planned Etsy promotions, secret sales and spotlight discounts on specific sections and categories help you balance between making your brand attractive and keeping your budget in check.

Seasonality & Occasions

We prepare in advance for all major occasions and help you develop your Etsy promos and campaigns calendar throughout the year. Buyer interest peaks in certain periods relevant to your product which can greatly impact your Etsy income. We know how to ride the wave and turn seasonality into an opportunity for Etsy growth. We follow all the trends, the upcoming holidays and major Etsy events to help you engage your clients with the most relevant offers and campaign content. Taking action on time is the best way to stay ahead of your competition.

Performance Analysis

We believe that digging into results can bring more and more opportunities for your business. Every email campaign and promotion is an opportunity to understand your audience better and to improve your brand communication. Our team tracks key performance indicators to make your next Etsy campaign better than ever.

Visual Aestetics & Copy

In our creative and design niche presenting your brand and products in the best way has amazing impact on your sales. With the help of our graphic designers and copywriters, we can create outstanding designs and eye-catching texts that will keep your fans coming back to your Etsy store again and again!

How it works

Each of our hands-on packages involves forming a dedicated team for your project that works directly inside your store. Our privacy and security processes guarantee the safety of all your data to give you the comfort and give you a comfortable control over all activities in your store.

Etsy Email Marketing Package FAQ

How do you send the mails?

We usually send emails through Mailchimp – a great plug-and-play solution for creative businesses. If you still don’t have a Mailchimp account, we will support you and set everything up from scratch.

Does E-mail marketing follow Etsy's Policies?

Your email marketing towards your Etsy customers should always focus on sharing high-quality content with news and promotions about your Etsy store. To stay in good standing with Etsy ALWAYS drive traffic towards your Etsy store. Bringing highly converting traffic and sales back to your Etsy store will boost your revenue and also will improve the rating of your store and listings. Always pay attention to relevant privacy policies and regulations and the feedback from your customers to maintain a good relationship with everyone on your list. We will help you navigate all the specific aspects of email marketing to ensure everyone is happy you are sharing news with your customers.

How will you build my mailing list?

Your mailing lists will consolidate your Etsy customers and your fans signing up through a dedicated opt-in landing page. Our team will take care to regularly update your Etsy customer-base while you can share your opt-in page with people who like your brand or send you messages on Etsy and social media.

What do you need from me in order to prepare the E-mail campaigns and the sales promotions?

We will proactively contact you in the beginning of each month with suggestions about the current shopping occasions and campaign concepts and ideas for relevant communication. We will discuss your overall promotions and discounts strategy, e.g. your min and max discounts, specific sections and categories, etc. and will suggest promos for every relevant event. We will communicate and adapt every campaign based on your preferences.

How do you go about the GDPR?

We always make sure to comply with GDPR policies and will discuss your own privacy policy during our first meetings. We will discuss your local regulations and the impact of EU customers on your total customer base and will decide together on the best ways to enlist customers’ consent for email marketing.

Do you need access to my Etsy store?

We do a lot of work inside the shop to setup promo campaigns and track email campaign results. Your shop login details will be managed by our Data Officer and Artery Team members will access the store through a managed service without direct access to your password and sensitive data. We also recommend two-factor authentication on Etsy which will give you total control on the logins to the store. Please note that your bank account information and other administrative details are protected by Etsy and no one has access to them.

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We offer new subscribers up to 60% OFF our regular fees. Pay as you go while your revenue grows. Tell us what you need and request an offer for details.


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