Our coaching sessions are designed for all Etsy sellers who want to do their own magic. We are ready to share our Etsy experience and show you how to approach SEO or visual shop management, email marketing or promotions strategy.

Beyond Etsy specifics, we support creative business owners in setting their business goals, identifying the right business and marketing strategy to get there and supporting you to do it all on a daily basis.

Etsy Beginner Coaching

Our Beginner Coaching Sessions are aimed to help promising designer-makers to make their first steps on Etsy. Beginner Coaching is for you if you plan to open your Etsy shop or just opened and are still trying to figure out how to get your first 50 or 100 sales.


You have an Etsy shop for some time now and want to improve your visibility and revenue. copywriting, photography, brand visuals, product development – everything seems equally important so where should you focus next?

The truth is there isn’t one right answer for everybody. Successful Etsy selling strategies are as diverse as the shops on the platform.

Get honest feedback about your shop and help in prioritizing your time and Etsy activities according to the business goals you have. Understand how you compare to other shops in your niche and what you need to do to reach the shops you admire (or they should be admiring you instead!). Our Etsy coaches will equip you with a marketing strategy and bulletproof action plan to help you grow your business.

Coaching sessions take place online in the medium of your choice – we usually prefer Google Hangouts as the most convenient one but you can pick Messenger, Skype or anything else that you feel comfortable with.

Coaching sessions usually last up to 90 minutes when you will have a friendly chat with 2 of our Etsy coaches covering all of your questions and needs.

Our team will prepare in advance with in-depth review of your shop and Etsy niche. We always ask you to prepare as well – send us a list of hot topics and questions that you want to discuss and dive deep before the coaching session begins so you can take the most of our time together.


Opening your own shop is not an easy task and we know that better than anyone. That is why we created a special package that offers a series of coaching sessions where we’ll walk you through all of the steps and help you prepare everything necessary to open the store.

The “New Etsy Shop” Coaching Package is a series of Coaching Sessions and follow-up calls of up to 8 hours in the course of 1 month. The goal is to have your shop up-and-running by the end of the Coaching Package and to have a clear plan for your Etsy shop management routines in the next few months.

You will meet directly 2 of our coaches online in the medium of your choice – we usually prefer Google Hangouts as the most convenient one but you can pick Messenger, Skype or anything else that you feel comfortable with.

Coaching Package Plan:

  • Kick-off Coaching Session – we will guide you through the whole process and we will make your action plan for the coming month together.
  • After the first Session, we will send you materials for all the steps we will pass through and also, a schedule with all tasks for the next 4 weeks.
  • In the course of the next 4 weeks, we will get in touch once a week to answer all of your questions and handle together any obstacles along the way.
  • At the end we will have a final Coaching Session where we will review everything together and discover more opportunities to upgrade your store. We will give you tips & tricks for managing your store at the beginning and handling the first orders.

The topics we usually cover in the “New Etsy Shop” Coaching Package include payments, payments settings, shipping and site policies, branding texts (product description templates, announcement, about section) and visual identity, basic SEO tips, uploading of listings and everything else you need to get started.