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We offer long-term success-based partnership to selected brands with global ambition.

We will turn your brand into a global business together

If you are looking for the right partner to back you up.

Success-based partnership

We cover your service fees and marketing costs at the start to boost your business. Our compensation is based on a share of the revenue we achieve as we grow together.

We select the best

To invest in your growth, we need to know you will deliver outstanding results and fit well in the Artery ethos. We want to hear your business plans and make sure we click well together.

Choose your plan

You can choose the right Shop Acceleration plan for your Etsy business and apply for full or partial coverage of the subscription fees.

Long-term partner

It takes years to build a successful business and to make any investment worthwhile. We select long-term focused teams ready to commit to a stable partnership.

Application process

We have a rolling application, where at any time you can fill out and send your brand for review. Every week we shall be calling selected brands for a first round of interviews. Your chances of getting to a phone interview increase dramatically if your brand is referred by a client, partner or friend of Artery. If we decide to continue beyond our first conversation, we shall request additional information and references to better assess the investment opportunity.

In the final step, you shall be invited to discuss your brand, product and potential for growth. We will make our decision after the meeting unless we need some further due diligence. The whole process from the first call to potential approval for partnership should not take more than a month.

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Successful track record

We need to know your product will sell if we put in the time and efforts to grow your global reach. Previous sales on Etsy or any other platform, local presence and successful social media profiles can help us evaluate the opportunity.

Committed team

You are the biggest asset of your brand. We are prioritizing designer teams with full-time commitment to their business. This gives us confidence in your own determination to grow and handle everything along the way.

World-class product

Show us a product that speaks quality, uniqueness, beauty. We are looking for high-quality design products in established niches combined with thoughtful photography – a major component of product appeal online.

We would love to review your application. Get us excited about your brand!

Our Brands Share

“Our work together gives me quiet time to create and produce. The results are getting better from one month to another, and I am happy with our collaboration.”

Jen, Designer

“I deeply believe that one has to do what they are best at while constantly developing. Artery has a good team and always finds the right solutions for the success of my business. I would not have done this without you! Thank you!”

Violeta, Designer

“Artery effectively works towards accomplishment of agreed plans and goals, presents valid propositions on shop performance improvement. Artery takes active rolе in the partnership that creates trust and stability. Your help is highly appreciated!!! And I believe we make а great team :)”

Egle, Brand Manager

“The results we have achieved over the past year are a very good foundation and we believe we still have great peaks to conquer together. We like to work with young, smart, creative, ambitious and smiling people like you. It’s great to be able to rely on a partner like Artery. Thank you for reaching the world together. We recommend the team of Artery with pleasure :)”

Mihaela & Desislava, Founders

“It is sometimes difficult to stay focused on your creative work when you are a designer who is managing an Etsy shop at the same time. Artery are a huge help! Working with them lets me have more time to do what I am good at! I am recommending them to everyone who is starting an Etsy shop! Your contribution to our development is huge :)”

Elena, Designer

“Numbers show everything. Since Artery started to work with my shop, my Etsy Shop revenue has grown 400%. Thank you!”

Gunta, Designer


“Artery is my great team with which we have been cooperating for Etsy for about 3 years. I’m 100% satisfied. They help in many areas: brand communication, shop management, shop decoration and vision, SЕО and promotion.

Customers are happy with the service and the product that we create. After all, the client’s opinion is formed by many factors and together with Artery we take care of everything that matters!”

Anastacia, Designer-maker

“Artery is an incredible, young, ambitious and creative team. I am extremely happy with our joint work! They managed to double and triple the sales of my store. Thank you for giving talented Bulgarians a chance to develop and be seen all over the world.”

Maria, Designer-maker

“We are extremely pleased with our brand development thanks to Artery’s overall support and our work. We have certainly gained much more popularity, since we started working with Artery, which has further helped us to reinforce our brand and individuality. Artery team is creative and always equipped with new ideas helping our business. They give us the right guidance and advice to improve and develop our creative work.”

Zdravka, Designer